When – and Why – Do Birds Become Pests | Bird Control in Vancouver and Victoria, BC

There are some pests we all universally dislike in our homes or businesses. Cockroaches, for example, or rats – these are all examples of pests that are pests no matter where they are found, whether inside of a property or out.

But there are some pests that only become pests based on their proximity to where we live and work. One prime example is birds. Outdoors, birds are one of the best parts of nature, harmless to humans and great for our eco-system. But the closer they get to a property, the more this fantastic animal becomes a troubling pest.

The Dangers of Birds

Why does proximity matter?

When birds are away from your property, they infrequently poop on cars or sidewalks, rarely steal trash, and make minimal amounts of disturbing noise. The closer they are to your property, however, the more it becomes a hub for poop, a guaranteed mess if your garbage is left uncovered, and loud, obnoxious noises that can quickly become a serious nuisance.

It’s not just mildly inconvenient either. Seagulls in Sydney, for example, are known to carry extremely dangerous antibiotic resistant e-Coli in their feces which can lead to serious complications if touched. Pigeon droppings may carry histoplasmosis – a respiratory disease that may be fatal.

There are as many as 60 diseases in bird droppings, and while it’s possible to encounter droppings anywhere, properties that consistently see birds on or near the property could be at risk for excessive droppings that increase the likelihood of illness.

Humane Bird Control – Vancouver, Whistler, Victoria, and More

Birds are outstanding for the environment. But they do not belong on or near properties, especially in large groups. Local Pest is a local and humane pest control service that provides BC with quality, gentle bird control to make sure your property is safe. We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure birds are unharmed, and use the tools at our disposal to discourage birds from living on site.

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