Tips to Avoid Raccoon Infestations

Tips to Avoid Raccoon Infestations

Raccoons, common in the Vancouver region, are happy and curious little scavengers. They are not a direct threat to people although when they lose their fear of people they can show aggression pose harm to our pets. Raccoons, most active at night, are intelligent like cats and dogs and ultimately they are after fine food and shelter. They have a good memory and will return to places that offer the best. Damage and mess that a raccoon can leave behind can be a potential health and safety hazard as discussed here in a previous article. As raccoons become a nuisance, it increases their chance of being injured or killed. Our experts can help solve this issue for you by relocating them to ensure your surroundings are safe. We have some solutions that you can follow to avoid raccoon infestations all together.

Building Protection

A homeowner has the ability to take measures that will have a long-term effect for preventing raccoons from showing up and causing damage.

  • Inspect areas around your home and seal up any large gaps where raccoons can gain access. Check under your deck, chimneys, crawl space entries and garage doors.
  • Make sure the soffits and caps for the vents and chimney on the roof are’ made with heavy duty material.
  • Make sure any trees in your yard are cut 6’ to 8’ away from the home in order to prevent access to the roof.

Reduce Food and Water Sources

Raccoons are famous for getting into garbage bins and making a big mess. A backyard can be an absolute paradise for a raccoon too especially if there are lots of food and water sources.

  • Keep tight lids on your garbage bins and always store inside the garage until the morning of pick-up.
  • Refrain from hanging birdfeeders if you suspect the raccoons are getting into them.
  • Keep on top of your fruit trees and pick up any dropped fruit as soon as possible.
  • Compost bins should be tightly packed with a lid on.
  • Fish ponds or decorative garden ponds should be covered with wire mesh.
  • Swimming pools can be very tempting to raccoons too and should be kept covered at night to prevent raccoons from getting in and causing damage.

If you have questions on methods for preventing raccoon infestations or other suspected creatures in your area, our experts at Local Pest Control would be happy to help you. We offer free quotes for our services including home and property inspections to prevent wildlife from invading your space. Contact us at 778-828-6094.