Subway riders freak over woman feeding pet raccoon

The concrete jungle got extra wild when a New York City subway rider was caught on camera feeding her pet raccoon.

Brooke Hogan, an Australian model, was riding uptown on a 6 train near 42nd Street last Tuesday, when a fellow straphanger whipped out a plastic bowl and fed the masked critter, NBC New York reported.

Hogan shot video of the animal casually clutching the bowl with both paws and munching the snack as stunned onlookers snapped photos and gawked.

She later posted the hair-raising video on social media, sparking outrage — and a few jokes.

“New York subway is just game over, not even playing anymore,” one Instagram user blasted.

Another slammed, “I’m not sure if I’m laughing or throwing up.”

The video has since been viewed over 162,000 times on the SubwayCreatures Instagram page.

“This is why the NYC subway is the best, and worst,” wrote another Instagram user, Schoobinator.

The state Department of Environmental Conservation has cautioned against turning wild animals into pets, saying, “Keeping raccoons as pets may be harmful to both humans and raccoons, and is illegal.”It’s forbidden to bring wild animals on New York City subway trains, the MTA has said in the past.