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Stink Bugs in Vancouver and Victoria BC | Local Pest Control

There are pests that bite. There are pests that sting. There are pests that spread disease. When we think about pest control in British Columbia, the focus is often on those types of pests. But there is one pest that can cause serious distress in your property that does none of these things. That pest is the stink bug.

What Are Stink Bugs?

Stink bugs are medium sized insects that look like walking shields. They are typically brown, though green and yellow stink bugs also exist.

Stink bugs have a gland that emits a powerful odor when the bugs are scared or damaged. If you squish a stink bug, the smell may be even stronger and more difficult to remove. The odor has been said to smell like many different scents:

  • Skunk/Cannabis
  • Burnt Rubber
  • Herbs (Coriander or Cilantro)

Whatever the scent, it is strong and it is stinky. For homeowners, that means an unpleasant experience for family and guests. For business owners, that can mean negative reviews and difficulty impressing consumers. No matter what type of property you have, stinkbugs need to be removed and prevented.

What About Elm Seed Bugs?

There’s a new pest in town that is causing serious distress for homeowners and businesses. It is a pest that also causes a foul odor. However, it is not technically a “Stink Bug” because it is a different species. It is also brand new to Vancouver, but has quickly become a serious and problematic pest.

It’s known as an “Elm Seed Bug.” Local Pest is one of the few pest control companies in Vancouver and Victoria that helps treat Elm Seed Bugs. Learn more about these challenging pests by visiting our specific Elm Seed Bug pest control page.

Stink Bug Pest Control by Local Pest

Local Pest is BC’s leading commercial and residential pest control company. We provide stinkbug removal and prevention for properties of all shapes and sizes, from Vancouver to Victoria to Chilliwack to Whistler to Coquitlam and more.

Pest control for stinkbugs is less about elimination and more about prevention. These pests do not typically live well inside a person’s home, so once indoors they are unlikely to breed or damage any personal property. But if you see stinkbugs, it usually means that they have a way to enter the property in secret, often through small cracks or spaces in windows.

Our job as a stinkbug control company is to try to locate each and every one of these cracks and eliminate them accordingly. Our team of pest control specialists is capable of finding even the smallest of spaces and sealing them so that stinkbugs are unable to enter. This will help you reduce the risk for stinkbug invasions – as well as other types of pests.

For situations when there are a considerable number of stinkbugs, we will treat outside of the home. We use a specific formula that is there to treat the immature stages of stinkbugs, and then add a barrier spray with residue on the outside and the perimeter of the home (along with anywhere you see them congregate) to try to reduce their numbers and decrease the likelihood of an infestation.

With affordable rates and top tier service, contact Local Pest today for your Victoria and Vancouver stinkbug control services.

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FAQs About Our Stinkbug Pest Control

Q: How Long Does a Stinkbug Smell Typically Last?

A: Usually, if a stinkbug released its powerful odor, you can expect the smell to last for at least an hour if not more. Smashing the stinkbug may extend the life of the odor, especially if it is smashed into something absorbent, like a couch or carpet.

Q: I Have a Stinkbug on My Property – What Do I Do?

A: Once a stinkbug is inside of the property you have to be careful, as stinkbugs will release the scent if they are afraid or crushed. You can try seeing if you can convince a stinkbug to leave the home on your own, but doing so many risk other stinkbugs entering your property. It is recommended you consider using a vacuum to suck in the living stinkbug, and then immediately disposing of the vacuum bag. Do not use a bagless vacuum, like a Dyson, or you may need to wash it outdoors to get rid of the smell.

Q: Do Stinkbugs Bite or Are They Dangerous?

A: Stinkbugs pose no danger to humans or pets. If you’re operating a business, however, they may pose a danger to your bottom line, as customers may associate the powerful odor with your products and services.

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