Stink Bugs in BC – Vancouver, Richmond, and More

The stink bugs are here.

Swarms of invasive stinkbugs have migrated to the Vancouver BC region. First introduced to the US from the East, the stink bugs have made their way north into Canada, and are quickly becoming a major nuisance for both homeowners and businesses alike. If you are looking for help with stink bug control and extermination, please call us at 778-828-6094.

What the Stinkbugs Are Doing to Vancouver

We are getting frequent calls from distressed property owners that are seeing this strange pest show up inside of their property. At first glance, these bugs are not particularly intimidating, and rarely evoke much fear. They look like small shields, after all, and although they are responsible for a massive destruction of crops in the region they are otherwise fairly harmless inside of your home or office…

…as long as you don’t make a mistake.

Because these bugs are stink bugs, and their stink occurs when they are squished.

When you see one of these pests inside of your home, it’s all too easy to feel confident squishing them and throwing them in the trash. But doing so can release a terrible old-sock smell that permeates around the property.

What Can You Do About Stinkbugs?

If you think you have stinkbugs or you’re seeing them anywhere where you live, there are several actions that you can take:

  • First, instead of squishing them, try to shoo them outside. You can also use what’s known as “Critter Catchers” which are made for spiders but work just as well on stinkbugs. They grab the pest without killing it and make it easy for you to take it outdoors.
  • Second, invest in pest control. Local Pest is a commercial and residential pest control company that can keep stink bugs away from your property so that you are at a decreased risk of stink bug invasions. Complete eradication is difficult because these pests do fly, but if they do get inside of the home they can pass away without being squished, which won’t release the same smell.
  • Finally, support research investments into stink bug treatments. Researchers are currently looking at the idea of bringing in a bug known as the Samurai Wasp, which cannot sting and is known to eliminate stinkbug eggs.

Invasive species are tough. But at least you can create a border between you and their powerful smell. Contact Local Pest today for stinkbug treatments throughout British Columbia, and try your best to stay odor free this year.