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Bird Control

It is not easy to come to think of birds as pests. But when birds congregate or roost in large numbers they can lead to lost business, contaminated products and cause extensive structural property damage.

Certain species of birds such as Pigeons and Starlings are especially bothersome because they feed on large quantities of food and contaminate even more, signaling unsanitary conditions. They also add to public health threats because they harbor disease organisms such as Histoplasmosis and Cryptococcosis (Pigeons) that can be transmitted to humans. Geese can become messy and aggressive during mating season scaring humans while trying to defend their territory. Others carry bacteria and allergens and spread disease into our food, water and air. Their nesting and feeding habits also lead to unsightly building ledges, balconies, roofs or any large openings, which can block air vents or present fire hazards.

Humane, environmentally responsible bird control solutions

Your building needs to look its best. Because when it doesn’t, it can impact your bottom line. So when birds decide to make your property their home, it’s time to take action. Choose Local Pest Control’s cost-effective solutions and stop the damage to your property and reputation.

Local Pest Control offers humane, environmentally responsible bird control solutions for commercial and multi-family properties. Our three-step approach offers you a proven route to a bird-free building. First, we assess the problem – to find the best solution for you. Next, our trained pest control professionals go to work, using their expertise to remove nests, eliminate roosting or feeding zones, and install barriers discouraging birds from returning. Finally, we ensure the area is properly cleaned, to minimize health risks.

Need to deal with pigeons, seagulls, sparrows, starlings, or woodpeckers? Local Pest Control’s proven solutions, such as netting, spike strips, wires, mirrors, and lights keep birds away. We also utilize humane baiting and trapping methods – to remove and relocate unwanted avian species from your property.

Unsanitary, unsightly, unwanted. You probably don’t want to think of birds in this way. Certainly your customers or tenants don’t want to deal with bird droppings, food and feathers, and the risk of disease. Plus, nests can lead to expensive repairs to property, blocked vents and HVAC systems, and compromise fire safety. Ignoring the problem isn’t worth the risk. The earlier you tackle your bird infestation, the more likely you’ll enjoy an affordable, lasting solution.

If ridding your property of nuisance birds and making sure they don’t return is your goal, call Local Pest Control today to eliminate the impact of unwanted birds.

To arrange a free, no-obligation consultation and price, call 778-828-6094 or use our online form.

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