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For any product orders, please contact us anytime at +1 (778) 828-6094 or toll-free in BC at +1 (877) 833-2847. You may also come down to our office located on 570 Clark Drive located in the East End but please call first.


Save-A-Bed or Mattress Safe Mattress Covers | $65.00 each:
Our mattress and boxspring covers provide you with the reassurance that the insects can’t get into or out of your mattress or boxspring. We carry a variety of sizes. If you are unsure what size you need, feel free to call us, we will help you determine the proper size. Once the covers are on, we recommend you leave them in place for the life of the mattress or boxspring. We also recommend that you take steps to protect your boxspring cover from the frame with duct tape or felt pads. 3 Sided zipper makes installation a snap. Contact us for product orders


SafeRest Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector | Starting at $90.00 each:
Our breathable fitted sheet style mattress protectors are popular for their ability to be easily removed and machine laundered, repel dust mites and fluids, and provide a more sanitary sleep environment. The surface material is made with soft cotton terry back coated with a breathable polyurethane membrane. To ensure a great fit, an elastic band is used on the side skirt to automatically pull excess material under the mattress. Contact us for product orders

rodent monitors

Monitors | $4.00 each:
We carry two different kinds of monitors both of which play on the insects’ biology in similar ways. The “Clearview” monitor has a glue attractant that mimics the pheromones in the harborage area and the “BDS” monitor provides a harborage area “trap” that holds the insects so you can determine what level of infestation, if any, you have. Call us today and order your monitors. Contact us for product orders 


Travel Safe Laundry Bags
Mattress Safe® LaundrySafe® Travel Laundry Bags offer you a simple and cost effective way to protect your laundry against bed bugs. Made of a lightweight stretch fabric that transfers directly to the washing machine, LaundrySafe® Travel Laundry Bags protect you from bringing bed bugs home. This product is bed bug certified, impenetrable to bed bugs, dust mites, mold and bacteria. Contact us for product orders

Hot Water Soluble Laundry Bags
Hot Water Soluble Laundry Bags are water soluble and biodegradable, making transporting your infested clothing and linens a safe and simple process. *Not for use with laundry detergents containing Boric Acid or the laundry additive “Borax”. The use of “Borax” or detergents containing Boric Acid will interfere with the dissolving of the product. If you have inadvertently used these products and find that the product has not properly dissolved, you will only need to wash the load of laundry a second time to eliminate the remainder of the residue. Wash in HOT water. Contact us for product orders


Climbup Traps | $5.00 each:

Placed beneath the legs of beds and furniture, these traps will intercept the bed bugs coming off the bed to seek harborage in the room or those bugs coming from the room to get onto the bed. Light in colour, the bugs are easily seen in the traps upon visual inspection. Call today to order your traps. Discounts for bulk traps in volume can also be arranged. Contact us for product orders


Diatomaceous Earth | $12.00 each:
This natural product is an effective control for all crawling insects, and safe for pets and children when used in accordance with directions. Placed in cracks and crevices, it stops insects where they hide, by dehydrating them. A little goes a long way, call today to order yours. Contact us for product orders


Glue Traps | $2.00 each:
These traps can be folded up or used flat based on location and foot traffic. They can be used for a variety of insects, as well as mice. Sold individually or by the box. (72/Box) Contact us for product orders


A weather resistant paraffin extruded rodenticide block, designed for high moisture areas, such as sanitary and storm sewers as well as other outdoor uses where weather-proof baits are required. Effectively control Norway rats, roof rats and mice. No bait shyness and no pre-baiting required. A single feeding is enough to kill rodents. Must be used in locking style stations to protect pets and children. Contact us for product orders


T-Rex Snap Trap (Mouse) | $7.00 each:
Use TRAPPER Snap Trap alone or in pairs with the opening toward the wall. Mice enter from either the front or sides. Place the trap along walls where mice travel, in cupboards or where ever mice are present. Disposal is also easy. Simply pinch the two ends together to release the mouse and the trap is automatically reset to be used over and over again. Contact us for product orders


T-Rex Snap Trap (Rat) | $12.50 each:
Trapper T-REX offers superior rat capture. Patented, interlocking teeth make rat escapes virtually impossible. The trap is a perfect combination of trigger sensitivity and trap velocity — speed and responsiveness ensure capture. Extensive field and laboratory testing fine-tuned Trapper T-REX to optimum specifications. Contact us for product orders


Pro Aerosol:
A natural pyrethrin concentrated aerosol insecticide for the control of household pests and accessible stages of stored product insects. Active Ingredient: 0.5% Pyrethrins. Contact us for product orders


Bellow Hand Duster | $24.99 each :
Used for better and more controlled distribution of diatomaceous earth, and dusts. A marble placed inside will prevent caking and improve overall function. Use with nozzle up, to disperse small, controlled amounts of dust. Contact us for product orders

Product Disclaimer
All insect control items are for personal use only. By purchasing this product, you agree it will be used only for personal purposes, (only applied within your own home) and will only be used in the manner as described on the label and for the insects listed on the label.

In completing this purchase, you agree that you will use this item(s) for personal use only and only in the means described by, and for the insects described on the label.

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