Silverfish and Firebrats

The common silverfish is a shiny, silver or pearl grey wingless insect. They typically grow to be about ½ an inch long to ¾ of an inch long, they are covered in shiny silver scales that give the body a metallic sheen.

It’s close relative the Firebrat looks quite similar to the silverfish however they range in colors of a molted grey to brown. Both the silverfish and Firebrat are wingless and have two slender antennae, their bodies taper gradually from front to rear to three long, thin tail-like appendages. Both insects have enzymes in their gut to digest cellulose and they choose book-cases, closets and places where books, clothing, starch, or dry foods are available to nest. They have also been known to feed on paper with glue or paste, wallpaper and starch in clothing. These insects are nocturnal and hide during the day only to come out during the evening. silverfish are frequently found in sinks or bathtubs close to moist, warm locations. Unlike silverfish, Firebrats can be found anywhere throughout a home, yet they are typically found in places of high temperature and high humidity such as: attics, around furnaces, ovens and water heaters.

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