Residential Services

Expert & Trusted Home Pest Control Services


Your objective is to make your home safe and pleasant by getting rid of pests and unwanted wildlife. This is how we make it happen:

  • Trained technicians equipped to treat a range of pests & wildlife typical to BC homes
  • Removal of ants, wasps, rats & mice, bedbugs, birds and more
  • Effective, safe and fast treatment for homes ranging from single dwellings to multi-unit buildings across the Vancouver Lower Mainland

Our Guarantee

Your complete satisfaction is our main goal. If you are not 100% satisfied with the extermination work done, we’ll provide extra service until the issue is resolved. That’s our guarantee!


Residential Pest Control Services of Choice

As a residential pest control specialist company, we make sure that our service exceeds your expectations for safe and effective extermination of pests, removal of wildlife and application of preventive measures to hinder a recurrence.

You name it and we’ve treated it. Because Local Pest has seen just about everything, when it comes to treating all manner of pests and wildlife problems, our technician are experts.

Your Local Pest technician combines training, experience, the latest equipment and tenacity with the approach (traditional or green methods) that is right for your environment. We can help, whether you live in a single family home, apartment building or condo anywhere in Greater Vancouver.

Get Rid of Pests Quickly and Safely

Whether it’s rats, mice, raccoons, squirrels, birds, ants or wasps, we have all the expertise and tools in place to help and return peace of mind to your home.



Local Pest Service Protocol

  1. Inspecting your premises to confirm pest activity and identify infected areas.
  2. Consulting with you to explain the best Integrated Pest Management strategy for your home and circumstances.
  3. Going through and implementing the Local Pest 15 step preparation guideline.
  4. Applying treatments.
  5. Follow-up inspections and reapplying treatments as required.
  6. Providing guidance regarding best practices to prevent future infections.