Pigeon Control in Vancouver, BC

Pigeon Control in Vancouver, BC

Pest birds like pigeons can be the source of a great deal of unsightly and unsafe problems for all different types of commercial and residential properties.  This is especially true in larger cities like Vancouver, BC, where pigeons tend to congregate in larger groups and use manmade buildings for food and shelter. At Local Pest, we assist with bird control throughout Vancouver and the surrounding towns, and are available to assist with pigeon nesting and other related challenges.

Why Pigeon Control?

Pigeons are not just annoying scavenger birds. They can cause some very serious problems if they are able to nest on the property, or congregate in large numbers nearby. Some of these pigeon-related problems include:

  • Paint Damage – Droppings are mostly made of corrosive uric acid, requiring repainting and/or repair if large amounts are found on machinery or benches.
  • Fire Hazards – Pigeons seek out sheltered areas to make their nests, which for many commercial buildings can mean gutters and vents. This buildup of debris can block airflow and make the building more vulnerable to fire in drier conditions.
  • Health Risks – Pigeons themselves often carry parasites like ticks, mites, and fleas that can easily pass on diseases to humans. Histoplasmosis, e. Coli, and salmonella can also be transmitted to humans via pigeons’ droppings through inhalation or food contamination.

The fact that pigeons often group together in large numbers only increases the negative effects they have on their surroundings, which makes bird control even more urgent.

How We Remove Pigeons from Commercial and Residential Properties

We use a variety of different techniques for clearing pigeons away from your business, depending on the details of your bird invasion. Our methods are safe, humane, and legal. Instead of harming the pigeons, we use exclusion and prevention methods, such as:

  • Install Exclusion Devices – Adding bird spikes and slopes to the eaves and window ledges where pigeons prefer to roost and nest discourages them from stopping on or near your building.
  • Install Barriers – Putting barriers like netting or mesh guards over vents and other enclosed areas pigeons tend to congregate in your area will help prevent them from getting there in the first place.
  • Remove Nests – Since the nests can be a danger to the birds and the building, removing them is sometimes necessary. Our technicians are trained to move the nest without damaging it or injuring any young birds still using it.
  • Clean Up the Area – Along with shelter, food sources are a big reason pigeons are drawn to certain buildings. We can determine whether this is true for your business’s building and help eliminate that food or odor source to keep the pigeons from returning.

We have helped businesses in all kinds of industries with their pigeon problems, including warehouses, retail stores, office buildings and more. Prevent or avoid further property damage and potential health risks to your customers, employees and property with our pigeon and other bird control services.