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Langley BC Pest Control

Beautiful downtown Langley is lined with shops and restaurants that attract many visitors and residents to the area each year. With its large retail area and nearby Douglas park, many people love to spend time here- and many critters do too. When these critters move in a little too close to home or work, the residents of Langley call us at Local Pest Control to solve the problem.

Since 2010 our team has been proudly serving the metro Vancouver area through responding to the pest control needs of its residents. All of our technicians are GC Government certified, and with our friendly and fast service we have become one of the most trusted companies in Langley. From rodents to insects to wildlife and even specialty bed bug removal, we can take care of any pest infestation in your home or business. Upon receiving your call, our technicians will appraise your situation and provide a custom solution tailored to your space. Our specialty bedbug solutions include traditional or heat treatments that remove all bugs. Our team will then scan your entire space to make sure that all bugs have been taken care of.

Here are some benefits of using our services:

  • We have experience in many business areas such as hospitality and tourism, healthcare, retail, and government
  • Our team is licensed and insured by the British Columbian Government which helps guarantee proper procedure
  • Our methods are environmentally friendly and safe for your family, friends, or customers
  • Our team’s fast action will leave you stress-free and with little mess to clean up

Because of its many parks, the city of Langley attracts many families to visit or make a home. The parks, however, also attract many animals that can invade your home or business. If this happens, it is essential to remove the infestation as quickly as possible since pests can be sources for health risks. In order to protect your family or customers from bacteria, structural damages, or disease, the experts at Local Pest Control will quickly remove the pests and provide information on potential risks. Our team understands that the safety of our clients comes first, so do not hesitate to contact us at any stage with questions.

The residents of Langley have a booming downtown business centre that helps keep their economy going and their lives exciting. All it takes is one pest infection to ruin one of the city’s most beloved spots, but thanks to Local Pest Control this will not happen. Contact us today if you think you have a pest problem, and let us help you regain your peace of mind.  

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