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Burnaby BC Pest Control

The beautiful parklands and waterways of Burnaby are home to many creatures that can cause problems for the local citizens when they invade homes. Burnaby mountain is home to coyotes, deer, cougars, and the occasional black bear, and although you may not worry about these creatures coming into your homes, there are also small rodents that can easily squeeze in. In these cases the people of Burnaby look to Local Pest Control to help give them some peace of mind.

Since 2010 Local Pest Control has served Vancouver and its surrounding area with top quality pest control services and BC Government Certified Technicians. The people of Burnaby also trust our friendly staff for safe and reliable service when they have a pest problem. Whether the trouble is with rodents, insects, wildlife, or bed bugs, we will rid your home or business of the pests and help make your space healthy again. Your technician will appraise your unique situation and then recommend a custom solution based on the needs of your home or commercial space.

For bed bugs, we offer a specialized treatment plan that includes traditional or heat treatment solutions. In order to make sure your space is fully clean, our technicians will search your home thoroughly from to make sure that all pests are removed.

Here are some benefits of using our services:

  • We have experience in many industries such as hospitality, healthcare, retail, and government
  • We are licensed and insured by the Government to ensure proper procedure
  • Our procedures are environmentally friendly and safe for your family and customers
  • Our quick response will not leave you with added stress or more mess to clean up

Due to its many ecosystems and conservation areas, Burnaby holds many critters that the technicians at Local Pest Control have become very familiar with. With our years of experience in handling these critters, Local Pest Control knows the best way to remove your pests. Pests are not just minor annoyances, they can also be hazardous to the health of pets, customers, or family. Along with removing the pests, our technicians can provide support with identifying the risks of your infestation. After the treatment is complete, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

With our safe removal techniques, the creatures of Burnaby’s parks will remain there for all to enjoy outside of the homes, rather than within. Local Pest Control helps to keep Burnaby a safe and peaceful place to live for all. When you contact us at Local Pest Control, we can help you clear your Burnaby home of any infestation and help you take back your space. The citizens of Burnaby and the Lower Mainland trust our money back guarantee, and so should you!

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