More or Dead Rats After a Rodent Control: What it Means

Rats are notorious for the way they invade buildings, damage properties, steal food, and make noise within the walls. They are a destructive pest that spreads disease and is, in many ways, simply “gross,” to anyone that sees them.

It can be a serious problem for homeowners, but it can be an even more serious problem for businesses, because rats on a property can open you up to legal and financial complications.

Why Aren’t My Rats Dead?

Traditionally, with other forms of pest control, a pest control company like Local Pest comes in, sprays around the home, and any pests that were present die off.

But rats are different.

Treatment for rodents involves multiple steps. The two most important and relevant steps include exclusion, which prevents rats from coming in, and rodent traps, which eliminates rats that are already on the property.

Exclusion got its name because it keeps rats out. But it also traps rats in. Contrary to popular belief, rats do not always “live” on your property. Many rats just use your home to sleep and stay safe, and then leave the property at night to find food and explore.

After exclusion, all of the rats living on your property are stuck there. That may cause them to be:

  • More active, as they look for a way out or food.
  • Louder, because all of them are stuck inside.

It also means that your traps could kill some rats, but there may be more rats than you expected, meaning that additional traps will be needed to eliminate the rats that remain.

Plan for a Brief Period of Rat Signs

Once your rodent control expert has finished, more noise and more dead rats is, in some ways, a good thing. Though it may be unpleasant to hear or think about, it also means that the remaining rats are stuck inside and at the mercy of the traps our rodent control team has left behind. It is the most effective, longest lasting way to eliminate rodents, and works for any size property.

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