Aprehend® Bed Bug Biopesticide

Aprehend® is a natural biopesticide composed of Beauveria Bassiana fungal spores applied in a proprietary and patented formulation.

Sprayed strategically in narrow bands where bed bugs are known to walk, Aprehend® will kill bed bugs of all life stages, sex, or feeding status within ten to fifteen days following the spray and briefest of contact with the treated area – direct contact is not required.

The fungal spores will stick to the bug like sand on wet feet, penetrating the cuticle of the bed bug and colonizing inside, resulting in death. Extensive laboratory studies have also demonstrated after crossing the treated area, the infected bed bug will carry the fungal spores back to the harborage or nesting area, subsequently easily infecting others in the colony. All bugs that come in contact with the fungal spores will die within 4 to 10 days. The process of acquiring spores from a surface treated with Aprehend® and transferring to the colony is repeated each night until the population is eliminated.

Unlike chemical pesticides, only one application is required to treat an infestation and the residue will be effective for up to three months – making it a great preventative measure also!

If you’ve been looking for an effective eco-friendly bio-product to kill bed bugs – look no further than Aprehend®.