Most Common Pests in Vancouver

As the temperatures warm up here in the Fraser Valley, we will see more and more pests. The rodent mammals, like rats, mice and raccoons are out of hibernation and looking for food to eat. Beetles, moths and insects are all hatching from their eggs to fly and explore. Here are some of the pests that are common to Vancouver.

Bees & Wasps Extermination

If we look closely at bees and wasps specifically, we see that they are very beneficial creatures. That is, when they are pollinating our fruit trees and vegetable gardens. But, when they get too close to our loved ones, or build their nests near our outdoor seating areas, then they become real pests.

To control a bee or wasp problem, the first step is to determine where their nest is. While you can attempt to take control of the problem yourself with an aerosol spray from you local home store, if you do not preform the extermination properly you could make the problem worse and anger the hive. We would recommend contacting Local Pest Control for assistance in the removal of wasp hives and bee hives. We can help to identify where the nests are, how they are getting in, and help you to prevent the problem in the future.

Ant Extermination

Ants also use this time to come out of the ‘woodwork’. They generally live in colonies, so where you find one ant, you will find many. Carpenter ants are the most common in the Fraser Valley. If ignored they can become a major problem and a very expensive problem. Carpenter ants tunnel into the wood structures of our home to make their nests and over time this can affect the integrity of our construction.

You can work to prevent the spread of ants in your home through these steps:

  • Put out ant repellent or poison. Ants share their food so this will be shared among the colony.
  • Keep your cupboards clean and your food in airtight containers. Ants like sweet and sticky and will be drawn to fallen food.
  • Eliminate moisture problems in and around your house.
  • Seal any cracks that might serve as entry ways into your home.

If your ant problem is too large it may be too late for some of these methods. We have many years of experience exterminating ants and helping you to prevent the problem in the future.

Wildlife Control

Another pest that is commonly seen in Vancouver is the racoon. These large pests can make a mess by rummaging through our trash. By keeping your waste locked in a secure container you can prevent racoons from pushing them over and causing  mess for you to clean up in the morning. If racoons are becoming a frequent problem in your neighbourhood contact us and we can help to identify the reason they are coming out and how they can be relocated.

If you are experiencing any of these pests, call us at 778-828-6094 for a free quote. While there are a number of methods you can do to try and control the problems, if it is not handled correctly you could be left with an even worse problem. Trust our expertise in exterminating insects and pest prevention.