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Bed Bugs Vs Carpet Beetles – What to Know…

At Local Group we specialize in all things pest, as such one of our biggest requests is to get rid of the dreaded bed bugs that occasionally make it into homes around BC. We have specialized in this field from day one and continue to get rid of bed bugs to this day, BUT one of the biggest pests that are commonly mistaken for bed bugs are ones which a lot of people do not know about, they are called… Read more »

How One Bedbug Can Hurt You

Bedbugs are one of the most problematic and expensive challenges affecting residential and commercial properties, today. They cause severe discomfort, breed quickly, and can only be eliminated by an expert. Because treating bedbugs is often so labor and cost intensive, many property owners hope to avoid it. Bedbugs do require both a male and female to breed, so many hope that if they find only one bedbug, they do not have to go through with a treatment and can instead… Read more »

Bedbug Heat Treatments for Hotels in Vancouver

Bedbug Heat Treatments for Hotels in Vancouver Why They Are the Bedbug Control Technique of Choice Bedbugs are often thought of as a household pest, one that makes life miserable for people who just want to rest and relax in their own home. But bedbug infestations don’t usually originate from residential properties. It’s very common for the pests to hitchhike on a person’s belongings from somewhere else, especially a hotel. In larger cities and towns that see greater numbers of… Read more »

Bed Bugs: Facts and Fallacies

With the growth of the internet, our access to information has exponentially improved. Unfortunately, so has our access to misinformation. At Local Pest Control, we hope to educate you about common household pests, their behaviors, preventative measures and treatments. 1. If I have bites, I have bed bugs. FALLACY: There are a range of things that could cause bumps to break out, from allergens to other insects. The only real confirmation is finding live bed bugs. Use our bed bug… Read more »

How to Check if You Have Bed Bugs

Worried you have bed bugs? Here are four key signs that you may have a problem: 1. LIVE BUGS Bed bugs like hiding in the cracks and creases of items within 15 feet of where you sleep. The easiest place to check for bed bugs is your mattress. Inspect the edges, looking for any live bugs (think the size of an apple seed) or fecal stains (think of a dot from a pen). 2. BLOOD STAINS Bed bugs will leave… Read more »

Zeller’s in Toronto offering a DYI Bed Bug Solution?

Like many other major Canadian cities, Toronto’s growing Bed Bug problem has forced many citizens to rely on Big Box retailers to find DYI pest control products. However many retailers are simply displaying Ant and Cockroach killer and saying it’s good for killing bed bugs, in some cases this can be true, however many of these products were never intended for Bed Bugs, or to be sprayed on soft sleeping surfaces like a mattress. For example see this image below… Read more »