Subway riders freak over woman feeding pet raccoon

The concrete jungle got extra wild when a New York City subway rider was caught on camera feeding her pet raccoon. Brooke Hogan, an Australian model, was riding uptown on a 6 train near 42nd Street last Tuesday, when a fellow straphanger whipped out a plastic bowl and fed the masked critter, NBC New York reported. Hogan shot video of the animal casually clutching the bowl with both paws and munching the snack as stunned onlookers snapped photos and gawked. She… Read more »

Ants rescue injured workers during wars with termites, discover scientists

An ant’s life is supposed to be cheap with the colony, a utilitarian ‘super-organism’, the only thing that matters. But scientists have discovered that one species of ant will rescue comrades wounded on the battlefield, then take them back to the nest to recover. Matabele ants are widespread south of the Sahara and feed exclusively on termites. They set out in raiding parties of up to 500 between two to four times a day, killing worker termites and dragging them… Read more »

Ant infestation at Auckland’s children hospital forces sick baby to move twice

An ant infestation at an Auckland children’s hospital has forced a mother and her sick 4-month-old son to move rooms twice. Alysha Hukatai and baby Noah Hukatai-Pare fled two rooms at Kidz First Children’s Hospital after she found ants crawling on the ceiling, the walls, the bed and even across her arm. “The last thing any parent wants is to have to worry about ants crawling along where you are meant to sleep, or possibly crawling towards where your sick… Read more »

How to stop wasps invading your picnic: trap the first one under a glass so it cannot recruit others, experts say

How to prevent a swarm of angry wasps terrorising a peaceful summer picnic is an age-old quandary, but scientists have proffered a simple solution: take a hostage. Quick-witted picnickers who spot a lone “scout” wasp should attempt to trap the insect under a glass or mug, thereby preventing it from returning to its nest where it can recruit other wasps to come and raid the food. While the same effect can be achieved simply by killing the creature, entomologists argue the act would be… Read more »

Invasive stinging wasp found for first time in Edmonton

Stung by a wasp this summer? It might not be the spiteful yellowjacket. The first European paper wasp was found Monday in Edmonton, an invasive species already common in Medicine Hat and evidently moving north. Matthias Buck, assistant curator for invertebrate zoology at the Royal Alberta Museum, caught the European paper wasp with a net during his lunch break Monday and officially added it to the museum collection. It delivers a sting at least as painful as the yellowjacket’s, and likes to… Read more »

Common Artificial Sweetener Likely a Safe, Effective Pesticide for Insects

Because of its quick lethality to freshly hatched flies and the ability to halt egg production, the artificial sweetener behind Truvia could be a potent but safe pesticide, according to a new study by Drexel University researchers. The polyol (sugar alcohol) that was tested, Erythritol, eliminated the larvae of flies in the study within three days, long before they could have reached adulthood. On top of that, as long as flies were feeding off of the sugar substitute, they were… Read more »

Frustrated Maine man tosses bed Bugs on city employee

A Maine man frustrated because he didn’t qualify for government assistance threw a cup of live bed bugs at a city employee. The incident caused an Augusta, Maine, office building to abruptly close over the weekend so pest control professionals could rid the building of a possible infection. Augusta, Maine, Code Enforcement Officer Rob Overton said the incident occurred after the man, who was never identified by the city, became angry after he was booted from his rental building and didn’t qualify… Read more »

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees are a species in the genus Xylocopa of the subfamily Xylocopinae . The Carpenter bee is named for their nesting behavior almost all carpenter bees burrow into hard plant material such as dead wood or bamboo although some dig nesting tunnels in suitable soil. Carpenter bees have short mouthparts and are important pollinators on some open-faced or shallow flowers. They use wood bits to form divisions between the cells in the nest. Tunnels are near the surface so structural damage is generally minor or… Read more »

Tips to Avoid Raccoon Infestations

Tips to Avoid Raccoon Infestations Raccoons, common in the Vancouver region, are happy and curious little scavengers. They are not a direct threat to people although when they lose their fear of people they can show aggression pose harm to our pets. Raccoons, most active at night, are intelligent like cats and dogs and ultimately they are after fine food and shelter. They have a good memory and will return to places that offer the best. Damage and mess that… Read more »

Home damage from pests

Home damage from pests A home, whether it be a house, townhouse or apartment, for many people would most likely be considered their most prized possession. We all work hard to earn a living so we can not just enjoy our homes, but maintain and protect it. The invasion of unwanted guests unfortunately happens from time to time and we’re not talking about those relatives that show up unannounced at your doorstep. Rodents, insects and even wildlife also have a… Read more »

Most Common Pests in Vancouver

As the temperatures warm up here in the Fraser Valley, we will see more and more pests. The rodent mammals, like rats, mice and raccoons are out of hibernation and looking for food to eat. Beetles, moths and insects are all hatching from their eggs to fly and explore. Here are some of the pests that are common to Vancouver. Bees & Wasps Extermination If we look closely at bees and wasps specifically, we see that they are very beneficial… Read more »

Bed Bugs: Facts and Fallacies

With the growth of the internet, our access to information has exponentially improved. Unfortunately, so has our access to misinformation. At Local Pest Control, we hope to educate you about common household pests, their behaviors, preventative measures and treatments. 1. If I have bites, I have bed bugs. FALLACY: There are a range of things that could cause bumps to break out, from allergens to other insects. The only real confirmation is finding live bed bugs. Use our bed bug… Read more »