How Do K9s Kill Bedbugs?

How Do K9s Kill Bedbugs? Pesticides used to be the solution of choice for bedbugs. But then bedbugs started to experience a resurgence, as they grew resistant to most common pesticides. That created a need for more effective and inventive pest control technology and methods. One method you may have heard about tends to go by the name “K9 Bedbug Control.” The K9 stands for “Canine,” meaning dog, because that’s exactly what it is – the use of a dog… Read more »

Vancouver Wins Another Award! Most Rats in BC

Vancouver Wins Another Award! Most Rats in BC Vancouver is a fantastic city. It has won awards for its filmmaking, its food, and its quality of life. Now it’s winning awards for… Rodents. Wait, what? For the third consecutive year, Vancouver has won the not-so-coveted award for “most rodents” in British Columbia. It was a ranking given to the city that has invested in the most rat and mouse treatments per capita. What This Means for Businesses and Homeowners The… Read more »

Rats and Mice Are Everywhere: Protect Your Property

Even though you cannot always see them, chances are they’re there. Many people think that if you have these rodents living on your property, you’ll know. But the truth is that often rats and mice leave no trace at all. That is because: They are fantastic at hiding. They are primarily active at night, in the dark. They may not live on the property. They may just visit for food and water. Many homeowners have discovered unexplained rodent droppings in… Read more »

Stink Bugs in BC – Vancouver, Richmond, and More

The stink bugs are here. Swarms of invasive stinkbugs have migrated to the Vancouver BC region. First introduced to the US from the East, the stink bugs have made their way north into Canada, and are quickly becoming a major nuisance for both homeowners and businesses alike. If you are looking for help with stink bug control and extermination, please call us at 778-828-6094. What the Stinkbugs Are Doing to Vancouver We are getting frequent calls from distressed property owners… Read more »

Supplementary Services with Our Commercial Pest Support

Pest control is our specialty. Over the past several years we have expanded to become the leading commercial pest control company because we offer a combination of the latest advancements in pest control technology with the feel of a small local pest service. As part of our growth, we’ve expanded to include other services as well outside of the scope of pest control. Local Pest is a subsidiary of Local Group, a family of businesses that are all useful for… Read more »

Apartments and Online Reviews: The Need for Pest Control

For a homeowner or tenant, pest control is about comfort and convenience. No one wants to share their space with pests, especially since some pests carry disease, sting, bite, or otherwise lead to discomfort that makes it difficult to be content in what should be the comfort of your own home. But for apartment complexes – particularly apartment managers and investors – pest control is about more than that. Pest control is about ensuring that your property remains rented in… Read more »

How to Spot Rodents by Their Droppings

How to Spot Rodents by Their Droppings Rodents are not as brave as they are in shows like Tom as Jerry. They’re not as loud as they are in Secret of Nimh. You can have rats and mice on your property for years without any obvious signs. Many businesses have no idea that there is a rat or a mouse living in their building until the moment it is spotted by a customer or employee. That’s why it’s important to… Read more »

Humane Bird Control in Vancouver, CA with Local Pest

Humane Bird Control in Vancouver, CA with Local Pest Businesses are often focused on offering the highest quality products and services, hoping to leverage that work into revenue and growth. So it can be frustrating when an issue outside of their control affects their business, especially when that issue is the presence of unwanted pests. Birds are one of the most challenging pests for local businesses and commercial properties in Vancouver. That is why Local Pest has partnered with so… Read more »

Restaurant Pest Control in Vancouver, BC

Restaurant Pest Control in Vancouver, BC Restaurants live in a Yelp-based economy, where online reviews make or break the success of a business. There are many factors that go into the dining experience. From the quality of the cuisine to the décor to the ambiance, restaurants need to make sure that each individual component is accounted for, as a single mistake can be financially costly. Yet nothing quite affects a restaurant like the presence of pests. A single sighting of… Read more »

What You Need To Know About Carpet Beetles Since The Season Is Approaching

As the season approaches for Carpet Beetles, we have gathered up some interesting information on these pests, how to identify and how to prevent them. Carpet beetles can usually be found in furniture, carpets, wood and basically anything that they can chew. Its larva, which have a similar appearance to a caterpillar, feed on anything from feces to dead skin cells. They can also be mistaken for bed bugs. There are three types of carpet beetles: Varied Carpet Beetle –… Read more »

Barred owls are invading Vancouver and feasting on the city’s rat population

VANCOUVER — A spike in owl sightings in downtown Vancouver could be good news for ridding the city of pesky rodents, a wildlife group says, but there’s a downside for the birds. Photos of barred owls sitting outside transit stations and on building awnings have been circulating on Twitter in recent weeks. Rob Hope with the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society in nearby Delta said more predators like barred owls in the city can result in less prey. “Rats and mice… Read more »