Bed Bugs Vs Carpet Beetles – What to Know…

At Local Group we specialize in all things pest, as such one of our biggest requests is to get rid of the dreaded bed bugs that occasionally make it into homes around BC. We have specialized in this field from day one and continue to get rid of bed bugs to this day, BUT one of the biggest pests that are commonly mistaken for bed bugs are ones which a lot of people do not know about, they are called… Read more »

Our Pest Control Experience

We previously had a bug problem, which wasn’t resolved the first time around when we had hired a different pest control company in 2021. I suspected that we still had them 4 months after the last treatment, so I called around to get help in June of last year. Every pest control company I called, quoted me a price and the earliest date they could come out for them treatment. However contacting Local Pest Control was a completely different experience.… Read more »

Rodenticide Ban in British Columbia

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, has mandated that all Rodenticides that have active ingredients: brodifacoum, bromadiolone, or difethialone must not be used in B.C. starting immediately. Unfortunately, these are the Rodenticies that we, and all pest control companies in B.C. use currently to effectively control rodents. To comply with the Minister’s Order we have already replaced all the Rodenticides with ones that do not contain brodifacoum, bromadiolone, or difethialone. The new Rodenticides we are now allowed to… Read more »

How One Bedbug Can Hurt You

Bedbugs are one of the most problematic and expensive challenges affecting residential and commercial properties, today. They cause severe discomfort, breed quickly, and can only be eliminated by an expert. Because treating bedbugs is often so labor and cost intensive, many property owners hope to avoid it. Bedbugs do require both a male and female to breed, so many hope that if they find only one bedbug, they do not have to go through with a treatment and can instead… Read more »

How Businesses Are Keeping Their Promise to Their Customers with Pest Control

There are unspoken rules to running a successful business. One of the most prominent is that the customer’s satisfaction has to always be a priority. While the goal of any company is to make money, successful businesses know that the only way to do that successfully is to never cut corners when it comes to the little things – from offering great products to delivering great service. Pest control is one way that businesses are able to keep that promise.… Read more »

Signs Of A Bat Infestation

Bats play a vital role in controlling insect populations. We want bats to feed outdoors as much as possible. They are nature’s pest control. But bats can also become a pest problem of their own, especially when they live either inside of a property, or in the siding of a property. When that happens, it becomes important to contact a trained bat control company, like Local Pest in Vancouver and Victoria. Why Are Bats a Pest Problem? The main reason… Read more »

More or Dead Rats After a Rodent Control: What it Means

Rats are notorious for the way they invade buildings, damage properties, steal food, and make noise within the walls. They are a destructive pest that spreads disease and is, in many ways, simply “gross,” to anyone that sees them. It can be a serious problem for homeowners, but it can be an even more serious problem for businesses, because rats on a property can open you up to legal and financial complications. Why Aren’t My Rats Dead? Traditionally, with other… Read more »

When – and Why – Do Birds Become Pests | Bird Control in Vancouver and Victoria, BC

There are some pests we all universally dislike in our homes or businesses. Cockroaches, for example, or rats – these are all examples of pests that are pests no matter where they are found, whether inside of a property or out. But there are some pests that only become pests based on their proximity to where we live and work. One prime example is birds. Outdoors, birds are one of the best parts of nature, harmless to humans and great… Read more »

Pigeon Control in Vancouver, BC

Pigeon Control in Vancouver, BC Pest birds like pigeons can be the source of a great deal of unsightly and unsafe problems for all different types of commercial and residential properties.  This is especially true in larger cities like Vancouver, BC, where pigeons tend to congregate in larger groups and use manmade buildings for food and shelter. At Local Pest, we assist with bird control throughout Vancouver and the surrounding towns, and are available to assist with pigeon nesting and… Read more »

The Risks of Elm Seed Bugs

Elm seed bugs are thought to have spread worldwide from Italy starting in the 1990s and have only recently become a problem in Vancouver, Canada and other parts of North America. They aren’t known to present any health risks, but it is important to know more about them so that you know why elm seed bug control is so important. Elm Seed Bug 101 Elm seed bugs are sometimes mistaken for similar pests like the stink bug and the boxelder… Read more »

Bedbug Heat Treatments for Hotels in Vancouver

Bedbug Heat Treatments for Hotels in Vancouver Why They Are the Bedbug Control Technique of Choice Bedbugs are often thought of as a household pest, one that makes life miserable for people who just want to rest and relax in their own home. But bedbug infestations don’t usually originate from residential properties. It’s very common for the pests to hitchhike on a person’s belongings from somewhere else, especially a hotel. In larger cities and towns that see greater numbers of… Read more »

Pick Up Your Dog Poop: A Lesson in Rat Invasions

Pick Up Your Dog Poop: A Lesson in Rat Invasions There are so many reasons to pick up dog poop around a property. But one that is particularly important is that dog poop, as disgusting as it sounds, is delicious for rats. There are a lot of rats in Vancouver. But there are also a lot of homes, people, and places for rats to live. There’s a common misconception that there are more rats than people in big cities. That… Read more »