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BC Living Article – How to Beat the Bed Bugs Before They Beat You

In a BC Living article originally posted on 3/29/2011 the writer discusses the best ways to protect yourself and your property from Bed Bugs. With the epidemic only intensifying since then, it is still relevant now more than ever.  See article here.

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Calgary Residents Having Vole Trouble

Click here to see a Globe and Mail report on Calgary residents and the destructive force Voles (A tiny field mouse) are having on their property.

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Local Pest Control Looked to for Advice

In a recent article by the Vancouver Sun a local property owner has been forced to evict tenants suspected of being the cause of a building wide Bed Bug infestation.

This of course has lead to some of the tenants fighting back saying they’ve done everything they could of and it’s, in fact, the fault of one specific tenant who has refused to sufficiently prep their apartment before a Bed Bug Spray.

The Sun reached out to Local Pest Control’s Sales Manager, Erik De Carvalho for comment, and he confirmed the property has been sprayed but they have faced some resistance from a certain tenant and the infestation will only re-appear time and time again until the entire building had been properly prepped and then sprayed. See Article Here

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