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Subway riders freak over woman feeding pet raccoon

The concrete jungle got extra wild when a New York City subway rider was caught on camera feeding her pet raccoon.

Brooke Hogan, an Australian model, was riding uptown on a 6 train near 42nd Street last Tuesday, when a fellow straphanger whipped out a plastic bowl and fed the masked critter, NBC New York reported.

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Ants rescue injured workers during wars with termites, discover scientists

An ant’s life is supposed to be cheap with the colony, a utilitarian ‘super-organism’, the only thing that matters.

But scientists have discovered that one species of ant will rescue comrades wounded on the battlefield, then take them back to the nest to recover.

Matabele ants are widespread south of the Sahara and feed exclusively on termites.

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Ant infestation at Auckland’s children hospital forces sick baby to move twice

An ant infestation at an Auckland children’s hospital has forced a mother and her sick 4-month-old son to move rooms twice.

Alysha Hukatai and baby Noah Hukatai-Pare fled two rooms at Kidz First Children’s Hospital after she found ants crawling on the ceiling, the walls, the bed and even across her arm.

“The last thing any parent wants is to have to worry about ants crawling along where you are meant to sleep, or possibly crawling towards where your sick child is,” Hukatai said.

After being shifted out of their first hospital room because of ants, Hukatai said she found more than 20 ants marching along the windowsill of their second room before she asked to move to another block.

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How to stop wasps invading your picnic: trap the first one under a glass so it cannot recruit others, experts say

How to prevent a swarm of angry wasps terrorising a peaceful summer picnic is an age-old quandary, but scientists have proffered a simple solution: take a hostage.

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Invasive stinging wasp found for first time in Edmonton

The first European paper wasp was found Monday in Edmonton, an invasive species already common in Medicine Hat and evidently moving north.

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Common Artificial Sweetener Likely a Safe, Effective Pesticide for Insects

Because of its quick lethality to freshly hatched flies and the ability to halt egg production, the artificial sweetener behind Truvia could be a potent but safe pesticide, according to a new study by Drexel University researchers.

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