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What Is It If It’s Not Bed Bugs?

Your getting bites, but can’t find any bed bugs??!! If you’ve had a really good look and cant find any bed bugs or fecal matter, it may be time to conduct some research to make sure that you REALLY have bed bugs.

Unfortunately, bed bug bites share similar symptoms with several other types of insect bites, and there are a few other insects that look alike. Here are some of the bugs most commonly misdiagnosed as bed bugs.

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Vancouver named among worst cities in Canada for Bed Bugs

Waking up to itchy, red bites on your body is an experience many people are familiar with, but some cities are worse than others when it comes to the scourge of bed bugs.

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What you need to know about mice in your home

TORONTO – Mice may look like cute, adorable creatures, but the reality is they can be full of disease, do damage to your home and generally do not make good roommates. Here’s what you need to know about them and how to get rid of them.

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Rat complaints continue to surge in Hamilton

There continues to be an increase in complaints related to rats throughout the City of Hamilton.

The number of complaints has roughly doubled compared to last year, with rain and construction believed to be two major factors.

At a meeting at City Hall on Monday, Hamilton’s Board of Health was told that improper garbage disposal and the feeding of feral cats, geese and other wildlife are also concerns.

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Eye mites: Millions of people have them And don’t know it.

Ever heard of eye mites? Millions of people have them but most don’t even know it.

CBS Miami reporter Ted Scouten began looking into the problem after he was diagnosed with eye mites — known medically as Demodex Mites — along the base and lid of his eyelashes. He wanted to share his story to help others avoid his fate.

“I had never heard of eye mites so when he said eye mites it was just really gross, so yeah, I freaked out a little bit,” Scouten said. “But then [the doctor] explained that there are a lot of people who have these, and a lot of people who own pets get them.”

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Flying ant invasion in Vancouver a brief glimpse into the sex lives of insects

It may be alarming to see thousands of winged insects emerge from the sidewalk, or worse, your basement.

But take comfort in the fact the flying ant invasion will be over soon — and it will end better for you than for the male ants.

Every summer, including right now in Vancouver, swarms of normally wingless ants take flight from their colonies for a brief orgy, more politely known as a “nuptual flight.”

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