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What You Need To Know About Carpet Beetles Since The Season Is Approaching

As the season approaches for Carpet Beetles, we have gathered up some interesting information on these pests, how to identify and how to prevent them.

Carpet beetles can usually be found in furniture, carpets, wood and basically anything that they can chew. Its larva, which have a similar appearance to a caterpillar, feed on anything from feces to dead skin cells. They can also be mistaken for bed bugs.

There are three types of carpet beetles:

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Heat treatment works well for cockroaches too!!

Click on the title to see a quick video we shot showing that heat treatment can work on cockroaches too.

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Barred owls are invading Vancouver and feasting on the city’s rat population

The bird population in the city can ebb and flow and there appears to be a population of younger owls ‘that are looking for a hunting area’.

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