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Barred owls are invading Vancouver and feasting on the city’s rat population

Barred owls are invading Vancouver and feasting on the city’s rat population

The bird population in the city can ebb and flow and there appears to be a population of younger owls ‘that are looking for a hunting area’.

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Eye mites: Millions of people have them And don’t know it.

Ever heard of eye mites? Millions of people have them but most don’t even know it.

CBS Miami reporter Ted Scouten began looking into the problem after he was diagnosed with eye mites — known medically as Demodex Mites — along the base and lid of his eyelashes. He wanted to share his story to help others avoid his fate.

“I had never heard of eye mites so when he said eye mites it was just really gross, so yeah, I freaked out a little bit,” Scouten said. “But then [the doctor] explained that there are a lot of people who have these, and a lot of people who own pets get them.”

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Flying ant invasion in Vancouver a brief glimpse into the sex lives of insects

It may be alarming to see thousands of winged insects emerge from the sidewalk, or worse, your basement.

But take comfort in the fact the flying ant invasion will be over soon — and it will end better for you than for the male ants.

Every summer, including right now in Vancouver, swarms of normally wingless ants take flight from their colonies for a brief orgy, more politely known as a “nuptual flight.”

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Subway riders freak over woman feeding pet raccoon

The concrete jungle got extra wild when a New York City subway rider was caught on camera feeding her pet raccoon.

Brooke Hogan, an Australian model, was riding uptown on a 6 train near 42nd Street last Tuesday, when a fellow straphanger whipped out a plastic bowl and fed the masked critter, NBC New York reported.

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Ants rescue injured workers during wars with termites, discover scientists

An ant’s life is supposed to be cheap with the colony, a utilitarian ‘super-organism’, the only thing that matters.

But scientists have discovered that one species of ant will rescue comrades wounded on the battlefield, then take them back to the nest to recover.

Matabele ants are widespread south of the Sahara and feed exclusively on termites.

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Ant infestation at Auckland’s children hospital forces sick baby to move twice

An ant infestation at an Auckland children’s hospital has forced a mother and her sick 4-month-old son to move rooms twice.

Alysha Hukatai and baby Noah Hukatai-Pare fled two rooms at Kidz First Children’s Hospital after she found ants crawling on the ceiling, the walls, the bed and even across her arm.

“The last thing any parent wants is to have to worry about ants crawling along where you are meant to sleep, or possibly crawling towards where your sick child is,” Hukatai said.

After being shifted out of their first hospital room because of ants, Hukatai said she found more than 20 ants marching along the windowsill of their second room before she asked to move to another block.

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