Traditional Treatment for Bed Bugs

The elimination of bed bugs can be an exhausting and overwhelming experience. Don’t sit around and let their numbers grow, call us and we’ll begin treatments immediately to restore your peace of mind.

The traditional treatment requires two visits to break the bed bug reproduction cycle. Not only the area infected must be cleaned and treated, but the adjoining areas must be treated as well. This is where a lot of treatments are unsuccessful; when bed bugs are treated they simply crawl within the walls or to another room until it is safe to come back or infest the adjoining room permanently. For this reason, all rooms and adjoining units must be treated with an organic dust to prevent bed bugs from infesting other areas.

At Local Pest Control we make sure that all rooms are treated so the life cycle of the bed bug is ended-for good!

Full-Service Furniture & Bedding Removal

Local Pest understands the frustration and discomfort that is caused by a bed bug infestation and subsequent treatment. We make it as easy as possible for you by providing a full-service program that includes furniture and mattress removal, bagging up clothes and full apartment and house clean-outs.

Traditional Bed Bug Preparation Sheet

Local Pest Control has developed sets of guidelines for the treatment of bed bugs for single and multi-unit dwellings. To help our technicians get to all areas of your home, please prepare your home as close as possible to these guidelines. The easier we can get to all areas of your home, the better treatment we can do. Please download the PDF sheet, below, for the treatment preparation guidelines.

After Traditional Bed Bug Treatment Guidelines

Not sure what to expect after a treatment? Local Pest Control has developed these sets of guidelines for what you should expect and do after we complete a treatment for bed bugs. Please download the PDF sheet, below, for the After Treatment Guidelines.

Contact us and we will tailor a successful bedbug treatment program for your property. Guaranteed!

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